Starting a new series of paintings…

4 watercolor painting in the works…more to come. The series will be of varrying female dietys of Egyptian, Canaan, Mesopotamian, Greek, Celtic, Indian & varrying occult mythology. Hopefully I can upload them soon, and get to coloring a few digitally.

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Hopefully after these here holidays I will be moving to a place where I can set up a little studio area.  I will need some better equipment.  My mic is beyond broken and the quality is bad.  I might be able to borrow a studio for an evening though- to expedite progress. 🙂

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I am an artist!

Am now a member of!  I will update my profile asap! 🙂



A new and improved deviantart site!

The most gracious Queen of Hearts!

off with their heads!

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Am now a member of The Casting Frontier!

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Just signed up on!

I will continue updating this profile as I make new demos and expand my portfolio of voice-overs & projects of the sort.

Ihope to begin assisting in the dubbing of foreign films and animation as well as local projects.

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Doodles from the Depths of The Beyond?

Just did a self portrait – more doodles, sketches, paintings and cg experimentation can be see here!  I will update with my latest scans, digital art,   and photos!

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Just signed up on!

I will be highlighting voice clips and a profile on Hopefully I can build a successful portfolio and get some neat dubbing and voiceover projects.  No laughing :-p  I need to get better equipment, and hopefully in the future, I can!! FUTUREBON AWAY!

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Opening a new and improved blog!

Kiss me darling!

kiss me darlin!

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